Homemade Rice-A-Roni

Serves 6, Prep: 5 min, Cook: 15 min

* ¾ cup long grain white rice
* ½ cup small pasta shape, like broken fideo, spaghetti, angel hair, etc…
* 1-3 tbsp butter, depends how much fat you want, I usually use a tbsp of Better Butter
* 14 oz no fat, low sodium chicken broth
* 1 tsp low sodium chicken base
* 1 tsp dried parsley flakes
* ½ tsp garlic powder
* salt and pepper to taste

1. Preparation is the same as stated on the box of Rice-a-Roni. Melt the butter in a pan and saute the rice and pasta until lightly browned.
2. Add the chicken broth, base, parsley and garlic. Add any other seasonings if you would like.
3. Bring to a boil and cover, then reduce heat to low. Cook 15 minutes without lifting lid.
4. After 15 minutes check to see if all liquid has been absorbed and fluff rice with a fork. If the rice is tender but it is still a little wet just let it sit on low with the lid off for a few minutes.

Credit: Homemade Rice-A-Roni | chaos in the kitchen